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Welcome to The Access Road!

The Access Road, founded on November 25th, 2008, is a blog dedicated to the latest apparel, equipment and current events that are significant to passionate skiers, snowboarders, and mountain enthusiasts. In addition to late-breaking news on gear, resorts and brands big and small in the industry, we’ll be posting a steady stream of product reviews, trip updates, and pro articles on a variety of subjects.

The Access Road was founded and is edited by Jeffrey Russo.

If you would like to contact The Access Road with comments, corrections, errors, suggestions or any other type of feedback, please email accessroadblog@gmail.com.

Jeffrey Russo (Founder, Editor)

Jeffrey Russo“The Access Road” is the fusion of several things that I’m deeply passionate about. A love of all things snow and mountain related (skiing, in particular), was instilled in me at the age of six when I began ski lessons at a local hill in greater Boston, where I grew up and reside today. In high school I developed an unhealthy obsession with apparel & outdoor gear, the culmination of which was my 11th grade chemistry project on waterproof breathable laminates.

Through my college years in southwestern New Hampshire, I maintained an active role in both the skiing and outing club, assisting in the organization and sponsorship of trips. My knowledge both of the sport of skiing and gear in general netted me a part time position with a snowsports focused demo and marketing service, Nevado Mountain Adventures. During my four seasons with Nevado, I spent time both “in the trenches” - consulting consumers on the snow, representing industry-leading ski and snowboard manufacturers, to further developing the business by way of a complete online rebranding effort and by communicating with prospective and current clients at industry events across the country.

Since graduating from college, I’ve taken up a position with a leading search marketing agency, putting to use my demonstrated marketing skills and third major interest - in all things internet and tech. I’m hoping that “The Access Road” bridges the gap between my varied interests, giving me an opportunity to expand my own knowledge and abilities while offering a source of information on skiing, riding and gear that’s fun, useful, and like no other.