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In the first three parts of our four part series, “Understanding & Choosing a Ski”, we’ve covered the major classes of skis (carving, all mountain, freeride, and backcountry), all of the most important characteristics of each particular model (waist width, sidecut, stiffness, and length), and even touched on why people make the decisions they do [...]

In part two of our four part series, “Understanding & Choosing A Ski”, we discussed the four major varieties of skis - All mountain, freeride, carving and backcountry. While these definitions can be helpful in narrowing things down, there’s still a lot left to think about. Within each of these categories, there are literally hundreds [...]

Have you ever seen someone getting off a plane or bus picking up a bag full of skis and pondered… why do they need three pairs when most of us get by with just one? It’s a question that leads us into part two of our four part series: Understanding & Choosing A Ski. This [...]

In the five years I’ve spent on the demo circuit, one thing that never fails to surprise me is how little some of the most experienced skiers I come across know about their equipment. Skiing is a gear intensive sport, and you’d expect that most people (especially those who strive to get better) would have [...]