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What a difference a week makes

December 30, 2008

It’s been quite a week. The lead up to the typically busy holiday period was marked by three back to back storms which dumped between 8 and 24 inches of snow across the northeast, leaving things looking great, while many western resorts languished in a continued drought of snow.
Just 7 days later, the tides have [...]

It’s finally time to let your worries subside - New England just received a 72 hour pounding of snow under near zero temperatures, covering resorts from Vermont to Maine with 8-24 inches of dry, fluffy white stuff. Three distinct systems lined up to provide 10-12 inches each, starting early Friday afternoon and ending on Sunday night across most of the region. The real winners were many of the smaller resorts in southern New Hampshire, where snowfall topped two feet in many areas. As of late Sunday night, Crotched Mountain was reporting 24 inches, as was Killington, Vermont. Nobody was left out of the action - snowfall totals in parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island topped 15 inches, while Sunday River and Sugarloaf in northern Maine received 4 inches.